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retrospective 2013                                                                                                                                                                2012 >>>

December Exhibition at Haguenau historical Museum "Ateliers d’Art de France - Contest 2013. Excellence de l’artisanat d’art"
From november 23. 2013 to january 05. 2014.
OZ les métiers d’art. Christmas shopping at the Résidence Charles de Foucauld, Strasbourg
From december 13. to 22. 2013
Show-sale of my works midth other designers in the White salon (Salon blanc), a shop dedicated to Arts & Crafts
November Résonance[s], Salon européen des métiers d’art, Strasbourg-Wacken
From november 8. to 11. 2013
Under the aegis of Frémaa and the Ateliers d’Art de France, this event will exhibit works of a prestigious selection of 170 european professionals in arts and crafts
October La maison de Caroline, Parc des expositions, Colmar
From october 18. to 21. 2013
La maison de Caroline will show my kelch porcelain window and sell my tableware in her shop during all the duration of the fair.
June Les Estivales du Jardin de l’Escalier
From friday 31st mai to sunday 23rd june 2013, Galerie de l’Escalier in Brumath
"Modulus anima", personal exhibition
May 370 artists open the doors of their 150 studios in Alsace
Mai18-19th + 25-26th 2013, participation to the 14th edition of the Ateliers ouverts
Visits, meetings and events
April Exhibition with the association "Prochain arrêt la Terre"
From saturday 7th to saturday 27th april 2013, Restaurant Une fleur des champs 4 rue des charpentiers à Strasbourg
"Les petits plats dans les grands"
Maison rurale de l’outre forêt in Kutzenhausen
From sunday 7th april to friday 26th april 2013
Exhibition with Geneviève Boutry, photographer.
Exhibition "Les p’tits papiers" with Claire Brandin, (costume, text et photographies) and Marine Dautier, (papers, mosaics...)
From february 7. to march 2. 2013
Some corners, jacks and ships in porcelain...
"L’ici et l’Ailleurs" (Here and There), porcelain installation taking possession of a room in the Médiathèque Malraux in Strasbourg
From january 11. to february 23. 2013
Artistic proposals around the stages of Ulysses journey